Folding Cartons

Folding Carton Details

In the 19th century, ‘Folding Cartons’ gave birth to what is known as ‘Packaging Industry’ momentarily. At CPS a carton is generally made of paperboard. It is initially cut and folded that leads to stratification and finally printed courtesy our latest digital technology that makes the work efficient and fast. Explore our potential to offer you the best realization of your expectations and garner advantage in the simple yet multifarious field of folding cartons.

CPS also utilizes reprocessed scrap paper which we use in vast quantity owing to our pledge to support ways that promote sustainable development. The cartons processed at our unit are heavy in strength and vice-versa when it comes to weight. The finesse and guile reflected in our efforts is always worth a try as we are the proud manufacturers of cartons that are robust yet unambiguous to use.

Our cutting-edge technology coupled with our expertise in carton folding has signaled the start of a whole new epoch in the world of retail packaging. We, the whole team of CPS can proudly claim to have achieved true success in this immensely competitive market with our precision finishing and dynamic expertise that has succeeded in gaining attention from the consumers as well as the manufactures.

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