Media Kits

Companies that take their business on the road and those that often meet with clients at locations outside of their home office know just how important it is to have the perfect media kit with them wherever they go. A strong media kit can mean the difference between signing a new client and going back to the office empty-handed. Custom Packaging understands all this and as such helps its clients create the perfect media kit for their specific business and products.

Many Types, Many Occasions

No two businesses are alike and therefore not every company is going to need the same type of media kit. When Custom Packaging creates media kits for its clients it does so knowing that each company that hires them need something unique and something to differentiate itself from its competitors. Custom Packaging clients can have the following made:

• Literature holders
• Product launch/promo boxes
• USB software key boxes
• Sleeves for hard media
• … And much more

Regardless of the type of media or promotional kit our clients ask us to create, all of them are created with love, care, and attention to detail. A businesses logo, branding, and colors can all be added to create something very special and unique. Our media and promotional kits are attractive, durable, and memorable.

More Information?

If your a business owner and/or manager that has an upcoming event were you'll be introducing either new products or your products to a new audience you'll need a media/promotional kit that is reflective of your business and its products. You also need a kit that is durable and keeps your company name in the minds of prospective customers. Contact us anytime for information on how to get started, a free quote, and with any concerns you may have. We aim to please and want 100% of our clients to be satisfied 100% of the time.

Media Kit Example 1
Media Kit Example 2



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