Rigid Boxs

Rigid Box Details

The Rigid boxes of CPS have always found extensive usage in marketing and distribution of sophisticated couture and delicate items that require security. They provide superior security assurance, lending itself to the simplest process to open and close, that surpasses others in stacking and display besides functioning well as a recyclable souvenir package.

CPS manufactures rigid boxes solely from wood or metal, or from corrugated fiberboard or paperboard which are durable than any other non-durable materials. They are mainly containers and repository for permanent use as storage, or are temporary used often for transporting contents. The distinguishing feature of rigid boxes is that it is made of stiffer paperboard, attached together with paper skins that can be printed or colored. The expert team of professionals at CPS includes the best designs via some unique graphical designing procedures thanks to our cutting-edge machinery and technology that make us the frontrunners in this field.

The rigid box incorporates innovative and unique features and designs besides a huge assortment of variations in shaping, sizing, cutting, highlighting and many more. This unheralded diversity of CPS in providing rigid box solutions is the success key in meeting the demands of a client for recognition.



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